Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Since this is my and only my blog i quess i dont feel to bad writing about this topic, "LOVE"
lol yall probably like this nigga crazy but those that know me well know im a sucka for love and those that know me also know i been single for a very long time. It aint that im picky i think women have jus become very picky they got they perfect vision of a man in they head and if u aint that they gone i quess! Ok ok i cant lie im very picky as well and of course im a guy so i love pretty women. Now the problem i have is when i meet women i never chase them i love being chased now the problem wiith that is women love being chased so as u can see i havent managed to well in that catagory lol. So anyways here is my delema i got this girl i kinda lol (*inside joke ) and i can tell she kinda likes me but we got this problem like where we call ea chother and noone ever calls bacjk i quess it sounds more complicated than it really is but her thing is she says she jus wants me missing her so much that i jusst have to call her and thats the way she wants it so in other words she wants to be chased and remember i told yall im not to good at it .
What should i do ?
i do care about this girl more than i ever cared about any girl she s very good with my sister my mother and any other significant persaon in my life i dont really know what the problem is so can someone help me find a solution or roti will forever be single LMAO

holla at ya boi look out also for the hot new single and my mixtape out at the end of august
lluv roti

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